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Welcome to Accolades, where we leverage the power

of technology to showcase students' individuality and

brilliance. We create compelling digital stories that reveal standout qualities and achievements of students. These portfolios can be used to supplement college applications, faculty recommendations, and interviews. A digital portfolio is a captivating, visual narrative of success that leaves a lasting impression on decision-makers and helps elevate and transform a student's academic journey.

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What is a Digital Portfolio?

Think of a digital portfolio as a visually compelling, fully customized website that creatively depicts a student's personal journey. It can provide a remarkable glimpse into achievements, interests, and goals in a way that uniquely reflects individuality. It can also be a shareable, centralized point of access for those looking to learn more about the student's accomplishments and accolades both academically and beyond.

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Advantages Of Having A Digital Portfolio

Creating a digital portfolio offers a number of benefits for students:

  • Express creativity and individuality
  • Visual snapshot of achievements
  • Personal autonomy to tell their own story in their words
  • Provides key decision-makers easy access to the information they seek
  • Establishes a long-lasting, digital footprint

Other Services

Digital Brag Books

Student brag books are digital booklets that flow as a narrative showcasing personal and educational achievements that students can share with their teachers, friends, and family.

Digital Resumes

A digital resume is a unique way to introduce yourself professionally to a

future employer. This digital hub brings to life your formal work and academic


Infographic One Pagers

An infographic on-pager is a visual 'at-a-glance' digital document

highlighting key accomplishments in a graphical format that

showcases elements most important for decision-makers to consider.

Our Team

Our creative team, led by expert digital content creator Raji Kotian, is comprised of branding and digital design experts who bring a tailored approach to our clients. We understand the challenges and stresses that the college application process brings to families and believe that student stories reflect more than just numbers. They should reflect experiences, learning moments, and character. And that's exactly what our portfolios can bring to life.

Raji Kotian,

Executive Creative Director and Founder of Accolades

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